it not just about losing weight.

It’s about quality of life.

All things Fitness

There are many reasons why people choose to exercise. Whether you want to improve your sport performance, reduce health problems and injuries risks, or look and feel better we’re here for you.  


Here at MyoFitness we understand that having an ongoing personal training can be costly.

Therefore, we focus on healthy habits and educating our clients about the importance of health and well-being, as well as correct training technique so they have the confidence to train safely by themselves.


We will always check on you because we all need some support and accountability one way or another. 

we focus on healthy habits

Group Classes

Come join MyoFitness family

  • Meet like-minded people and make friends

  • Have a laugh and sweat at the same time

  • Next level motivation and accountability

  • And get your form, technique looked at to prevent injury

Endless support and accountability

Joint MyoFitness today and you'll get 

  • Result-based training programs

  • Individualised training program 

  • Amazing culture and environment 

  • Educational resources  to help you achieve your goals

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Today it hurts

tomorrow it works 

symptoms you should

always get checked


we treat

  • Sharp, shooting pain 

  • Tingling sensation

  • Pins and needles

  • Headaches

  • Neck or back pain 

  • Joint stiffness 

  • Neurological symptoms

  • Back pain including sciatica
  • Neck & shoulder pain/whiplash
  • Joint pain & stiffness
  • Sports, muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
  • Achilles tendinopathy and other ankle injuries
  • hip pain​
  • ​​Headache

  • Sports injuries

  • Rotator cuff problems

  • Occupational injuries

  • Jaw pain and clicking

  • Fibromyalgia & other chronic pains

  • Tennis elbow